My Story

I hope this section gives you a little insight about who I am and what your visit in my studio will be like with me. Not only do I love what I do but, I also have a love for people and conversations and like to create lifelong connections with all my clients. It is the best part of the profession for me!

Growing up in Maryland, I attended a technical school while in high school and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2006. Shortly after, I moved to Florida where I quickly realized the giant flying bugs and lizards running everywhere were not for me. So, I packed up and made my way to (not so big yet) Nashville TN in 2008.

I continued working in my profession with a corporate salon chain where I quickly climbed the ladder, by becoming the general manager for multiple salons and the recruiting committee chair for the Nashville market. I actively attended many industry conferences and training workshops across the county. On one trip to Denver, CO, I learned several cutting-edge techniques from American Crew. This allowed me the opportunity to learn what customers and employees value, how to listen to them, and deliver exactly what they need. I was awarded several customer service and cutting awards along with being published in a styling book featured in over 4,000 salons across the U.S. and Canada.

After 10+ years in that role, I decided to focus more on my friends and family and started a 3+ year career with a trendy barbershop downtown. In March of 2020, a deadly tornado ripped through Nashville effecting the salon and a few weeks later the Covid-19 pandemic closing all salons. In May of 2020, I took a leap of faith and opened my own business, Hair by Rachel, in the town I call home.

In my time outside the studio, I am enjoying the blessings in my life. My husband and best friend Kevin, and his 2 young children are the highlights of my day. I look forward to summer beach vacations and lake days, along with family and friend gatherings.   

Giving Back to the Community

Community is an important part of my life. Since 2016, I have participated in and organized several events for cutting hair for the homeless, in collaboration with Room In The Inn, Shower Up and Gobble Gobble Give.

Veterans are also close to my heart. To give back in my own way, I cut hair at Vanderbilt VA once a week for an entire year.

If you are organizing a similar community event, please contact me. I would love to help. 

Gobble Gobble Give

Every Thanksgiving day we give back to the community by feeding, clothing and offering our homeless haircuts here Nashville.

Nashville, TN

More than a Haircut 

by Heather King,
VHS Public Affairs

A small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life. For nearly 20 Veterans at TVHS, an act of kindness recently came in the form of a haircut. George F*****, who is in long-term care at TVHS, recently got his first haircut in quite a while, which he said transformed his entire attitude and self-esteem. “I feel so much better,” he said, after getting a haircut from Nashville cosmetologist, Rachel Higgins. “I know how much having a great haircut can make you feel better about yourself. For all that Veterans have done for our country, it’s the least I can do to show my appreciation,” said Higgins. Higgins is no stranger to the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes. Both her grandfathers are Veterans; one served in World War II and the other served during the Korean War. Due to their service, she grew up with a sense of appreciation for the service and sacrifice of all Veterans. Higgins said she has made it her personal mission to make a difference in the lives of the Veterans in any way she can. She first volunteered her services, free of charge, in March. She hoped the haircuts and attention would send a clear message to Veterans. “I want them to know that their sacrifices, whatever they may be, are not going unnoticed,” she said. Her schedule allowed her to volunteer a few hours every other Monday at the TVHS Nashville campus. But make no mistake -- Higgins provided more than a haircut. She engaged each Veteran to lift their spirtis and give them her undivided attention. “In a fast-moving world sometimes, I feel like they think they are forgotten about,” she said. “Without them we could all be living a different lifestyle and I’m thankful for the one I have.”